Welcome to Nehemiah Communications

Nehemiah Communications was created for one purpose: to grow its clients' businesses and nonprofit organizations.

On the surface Nehemiah Communications may appear to be a traditional marketing and communications company; however, the passion behind our company is stimulating growth!

What we are truly about is
helping organizations grow.
Difference Marketing: How You Can Win

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Understanding growth and what hinders it is a specialty at Nehemiah Communications. Time and time again, lack of growth is caused either by an organization's failure to communicate properly with its stakeholders or by a problem inherent within the operations of the organization.

For over a decade, Nehemiah Communications has found solutions to complex problems for a wide range of organizations including universities, businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations. Our operational services, for example, have helped nonprofits establish effective boards; they have assisted businesses develop business plans; and they have provided administrative and executive support for clients both on an ongoing basis and during times of transition. The goal of Nehemiah Communications' research and operational services is to increase the quality of an organization's operations, reduce problems within the organization, and/or to start an organization off on the right foot.

In addition, Nehemiah Communications does a great job in meeting the marketing and communications needs of its clients. What separates it from other marketing and communications companies, however, is its commitment to provide top level customer service along with innovative solutions. As part of these services, Nehemiah Communications maintains an educational site where helpful information on marketing is available free of charge.

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