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NehemiahIcons 08 DocWhitepapersNehemiah Communications is providing these free resources in an effort to share some of the solutions we have developed and successes our clients have enjoyed. Please download and use these papers and then contact us to discuss your organization's needs.  The White Papers are summaries of key issues facing businesses of all sizes.

NehemiahIcons 08 DocWhitepapersFor the majority of nonprofits that I have worked with over the last fifteen years, it is very common to hear the nonprofit's board members wishing for more or higher quality board members. At the same time, these same boards typically do not have a formal recruitment and orientation process.

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NehemiahIcons 08 DocWhitepapersWhenever you do a search you will see two kinds of results. Some will have the word "ad" and others will not have this designation. Find out why.

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NehemiahIcons 08 DocWhitepapersIf you have ever looked at the little URL box in a website address, you have seen that before the address is either, http:// or https://. You probably have never thought about it, but there is a big difference.


NehemiahIcons 08 DocWhitepapersOne of the great truths of life is that successful people often do the exact opposite of their not-so-successful peers. All nonprofits and businesses go through various revenue cycles. Traditionally people spend a lot of money advertising in times of high economic growth. Conversely in times of poor economic growth, most organizations quickly cut their marketing dollars. People who take this approach are missing out on the chance to capitalize on the opportunities that even the worst economic situations provide. Why is this so? The answer is three-fold.